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Walk to School

Walk to School

October is International Walk to School Month 
We Hike it, Bike it and Like it in The Woodlands!

October 1-15, 2015
     Walk to School 2012
 STEPPING IT UP - Safe Routes to School
 Walk Safety Tips 
 Bike Safety Tips Game
 Walk Routes
 Who is walking in 2015! 
Reduces traffic congestion, pollution and speeding around schools and neighborhoods  
Increases use of pathways, boosts physical activity
Teaches safe walking skills to children
Increases neighbor-to-neighbor interactions 
Features eco-values—conservation and clean air

What If...

We live too far to walk?
  • Drive to church or shopping center parking lot near your school, park and walk from there.

My school does not have formal activities, or if you want to keep walking every day?

I don’t have school age kids
  • Drive carefully and be on the lookout for pedestrians and bikers.
  • Cheer on the walkers in your neighborhood and along their route.
  • Join in the walk with your neighbors.
When you must drive…Remember to reduce idling!

  • Wastes gas.
  • Damages pollution control equipment on your vehicle.
  • Produces carbon monoxide—an invisible, odorless, poisonous gas.

Turning off the car and starting it again uses less gas and produces less carbon monoxide than idling for 30 seconds or more.

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